Size and fit solutions to help you grow.

Use our size and fit solutions to boost your conversion rates, reduce returns and increase average basket value.

Grow more.
Grow faster.
Grow better.

The fastest-growing Brands are already benefiting from our direct business impact.

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Naiz Size Form: User experience

Get rid of the size uncertainty

Get new customers and build loyalty with our size recommendations. Always.

Designed to offer and accurate and easy to use solution to your buyers.

Age, height, weight, gender and fit. Done.

Build loyalty among your customers:fill in the Naiz Size Form once and instantly get size recommendations in every product and visit.

No register required

Customizable widget and bespoke features.

Responsive design for mobile, desktop and tablet.

Adapted to your customers language.


Naiz Analytics: Unique analytics

Your ecommerce, as you have never seen it before

Take business decisions based on actionable data, not only intuition.

Monitor the impact of size recommendations on your traffic, transactions, sales and net income.

Optimize your marketing efforts by understanding the demographics of your customers and how the interact with your garments and sizes.

Adjust your size set to perfectly match the diverse bodies of your customers.

Use real anthropometric data of your customers to help your Design teams.

Have a deeper understanding of your returns and changes while reducing them.

Absolutely respectful with your customers data rights and GDPR ready.

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