Transforming the offline experience

Digitalization goes beyond online. Offline stores go beyond trying on clothes. Take the best out of your offline store visits and attend every customer segment with a truly omni-channel approach


Catch attention

Use available sizes and personalization to send customers to your closest store.


Adapted to every customer and garment

Help your team to focus on building relationships, not looking for sizes.


Connected with your online store

Connect your store with your ecommerce, whatever the platform.


Digital Assitant

Our solution is the perfect fir to avoid changing rooms and get digital shopping help.

Naiz Retail

Allow your customers to know their size in every product without trying on

Help your team to become real personal shoppers, giving advice on style and complete outlooks with the minimum stock. Let us face the size challenge.

No more store managers looking for sizes.

Identify your customers profile with just 3 clicks.

Empower the customers that do not want to go to the changing room.

Absolutely respectful with your customers data rights and GDPR ready.

Reduce garment rotation and optimize purchase ratios.

Avoid queues, customers leaving stores and garments all over around.

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