Our Vision

We are building a new era were our bodies will no longer need to adapt to the world that surrounds us.
We are making the world adapt to your body. Size and fit is just the first step on a pursue for true personalization.



We obtain +20 body measurements of your customers. Just like a digital tailor.



No shortcuts. We work with your garment measurements. Just like a pattern maker.



We recommend the size that best fits the customer. Just like a personal shopper.

Body Measurements

Accuracy as a Service

We obtain +20 body measurements just as a digital tailor, without asking customers to measure themselves.

Easy to use

We extract key 3D body measurements by asking only basic data to the buyer (age, gender, height and weight) respecting every privacy right.

We back obtain these measurements out from real body datasets that we enrich daily with thousand of new buyers.

Highest accuracy

Using our own AI and computer vision capabilities transform simple images into body measurements. 

Convolutional Neural Networks that allow us to extract direct body measurements and body morphologies with the highest accuracy.

Naiz Fit Sizing Models

After deep analysis done by our Brand Managers, we identify every SKU as unique and assign them the specific measurements of the type of apparel to be sized.

To do so, we covert those garment measurements into body measurements.

The Apparel Formula

Developed with the care of a tailor and the technologies of digitalization, we are able to convert those key 2D garment measurements into 3D body measurements.

By this, we can scale garment information and assure accuracy, understand every garment as unique.

Garment Measurements

An industrialization challenge

Every brand is unique. Every garment is unique. Every measurement is unique.

The huge diversity of brands, manufacturers and designers has turned into a lack of comprehensiveness behind sizing all along the industry's value chain.

We look this challenge into the eyes and face it. No shortcuts. We combine information gathered by our Brand Managers and aggregated data coming directly from brands and manufacturers.

Naiz Fit: Blog

The fitting room

Da Vinci was wrong

One of the funniest things of working with data is taking something that is taken for granted as a universal truth and throwing it to the trash can. With Naiz Fit I entered a new realm that has proved to be unexpectedly stimulating, that is to study the human body…

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